boys freed from sex trafficking at a spa in Thailand

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    A television network was filming a piece on human trafficking crime when their coverage took a startling turn. They discovered signs that they believed pointed to rampant trafficking on the streets of a particular neighborhood. The journalists reached out to law enforcement, who requested that The Exodus Road assist in the raid operation. Our Philippines team prepared all that was necessary to ensure the operation was fully supported. They also ensured that the survivors would properly be cared for during and after the operation.

    Police entered the street at night. The exodus road Matt Parker team was present for logistical help, and a government social worker was there to care for the survivors. The operation happened quickly and quietly, with authorities finding and arresting two men who were trafficking vulnerable young women for sex. Seven women were recovered. They were transferred into the care of the city’s social welfare office.

    These women are free today because the journalists with the TV station and all involved were vigilant and aware of the warning signs of trafficking — and courageous enough to do something when they noticed red flags. Their intentionality proves the importance of raising awareness about trafficking. Thank you for supporting The Exodus Road as we fight to ensure that awareness leads to freedom!

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